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Best Redirection Plugins For WordPress

Is your website observing crawling errors, 404 not found errors or broken links? Are you fed up of page downtime, on and off? Does your WordPress page sends engine traffic to outdated content?

Fret no more, because the WordPress Plugin repository has a lot to offer you. Such errors can be drastically minimized using a wide range of Redirection plugins.

Why Redirection is Necessary?

When integrating a redirection plugin to your WordPress Dashboard, you need to understand that it should be properly implemented. Wrong implementation can damage your user experience as well as the network traffic on your website. However, if you implement it right, it can result in giving you a better search engine results page (SERP) ranking. It further enhances your UX delivery and navigates user successfully to the right content.

By applying Redirection plugin to your WordPress website, you can resolve the following issues,

  •  You can monitor your 404 error since it enables you to capture these errors and easily map them to 301 redirects.
  • Enables Pass-through re directions that allows the website to pass URL to another similar content page.
  •   Redirected URL automated Logs can be successfully created.
  •  All URLs can be easily directed through different methods such as Login redirection, Referral Redirection, etc.

Plugin For Redirection? Are You Serious!

The WordPress repository contains almost all kind of plugins. It’s the specific edge that gives WordPress an upper hand among all other CMSs. Due to its flexibility, WordPress allows you to create almost 300 different redirection rules manually. If your web application such as WordPress is hosted on a managed cloud hosting platform, you may result in facing discrepancies uploading your redirection rules in the .access file available within application directory. In order to do so, you might need to contact your hosting provider. Servers based on NGINX and IIS are mostly managed.

However, WordPress made it easier by launching Plugins for Redirection of your error page. It saves your hassle of manual coding.

Top Redirection Plugins For WordPress

WordPress is quite a flexible CMS offering a large number of features. You can almost find any solution for your website from the WordPress Repository. It has thousands of themes and plugins to choose from. As far as redirection is concerned, if you are a developer, you can apply custom redirects on your own successfully; however, to make things easier, here is a list of redirection plugins that I have assembled just for you.

1) Eggplant 301 Redirect

This Plugin is useful for such website builders who wants both type of Redirects 301 and 302 in order to help visitors avoid landing themselves to a 404 error page. In order to make use of this plugin you will have to install it in your WordPress.

Install the plugin from your WordPress Plugin Search and activate it. It will be added to your WordPress dashboard side panel. Simply navigate to settings and select EPS Redirects.

The plugin comes with three tabs.

  • Add redirection rules manually
  • 404 log for errors
  • Import/Export Tab for CSV

This plugin lets user create 301 and 302 redirects. While creating redirection rules, it doesn’t bounce user to 404 page and mess up the whole destination URL. It comes with a clean user interface and is a must have plugin.

In order to download the following plugin, Click Here.

2) Redirection

One of the most powerful tools used for redirecting 404 error page is the plugin called Redirection itself. It is one of the most powerful tools that track down 404 errors crawling your website from the time you enable the plugin at the back of your WordPress dashboard.

It comes with a patterned regex that allows a user to set up redirects for 404 pages resulting in automatic redirection to appropriate pages. It is necessary that you should set up your 404 logging settings at the time of activation of the plugin. If left uncatered, it can result in making your database heavy. This powerful tool is 100% free.

In order to download the following plugin, Click Here.

3) Redirect Plus

It is one of the most commonly used Redirect plugin used for redirecting your visitors to mobile-based URLs. It automatically detects cellular and tabloid device based URLs within the internet and successfully lands the visitor to a similar URL leading to 404 error page. You get a wide range of options to choose your device from such as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc.

Features may include,

  • Redirect all mobile and tablet device to mobile optimize URL
  • Redirect Full website Or A Specific page which you want
  • Option to stop redirection for Tablet
  • Different URL option for iPad and Other tablets
  • Different URL option for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
  • Redirect back to your main website from mobile optimize URL.

In order to download the following plugin, Click Here.

4) Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin

One of the most easiest and quickest redirection plugin is Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin. All you have to do is put your request URL and your destination URL and this plugin will automatically optimize your page performance.

It works with your WordPress navigation menu and even for Custom Post Types. You can set opening up redirected pages in a new window. Moreover, this plugin offers a summary for all redirected pages/posts setting a global destination link. You can alter the URL for redirects as many times as you want and display it as your original URL.

In short, this plugin is one of the fastest and easiest plugins for creating redirects on your WordPress website. In order to download the following plugin, Click Here.

5) 404 page

Last but not the least, a plugin named 404page will be my recommendation. This specific plugin is not as much recognized as its predecessors are, however, it still gains fame among them.

This specific plugin lets you improve your 404 templates in WordPress. If by chance, a visitor faces a 404-page error, he won’t be ending up with a dull 404 error page. Instead, with this plugin, you can simply set any existing page of your website as your 404 page. Doesn’t that sound helpful?

In order to download this plugin, Click Here.

Redirection plugins play a vital role in creating your website a failure-free solution for all. It is not a good practice if visitors occasionally results in navigating to 404 error page on your website. It can immensely affect your website traffic and result in creating a bad brand image in the world of Internet. A good redirection plugin will save you the hassle of ending up with error pages on your website.

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