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Free High Quality Image Resources for Creating Professional WordPress Sites

For a website to look dynamic and appealing, adding certain types of visuals, like graphics and images, is a must. Some studies show that using eye-catching, relevant images on a website improve user engagement. This means that if you use the right visuals in the right areas of your website, you can dramatically increase your conversion rate and retain greater number of visitors.

Searching for images that you can use for your website is really easy. All you have to do is go on Google, click on image search, enter the keyword, and voila! You will get hundreds and thousands of high-quality images. However, there is just one problem: they are not free and definitely not cheap. The real challenge begins when are out on the internet to find the platforms that offer free images. And trust me, it isn’t a walk in the park.

A majority of the images that you find on Google are protected by copyright, meaning that they belong to someone, and for you to use them, you either need to give them credit or buy the image to use it on your WordPress website. Another option is to subscribe to websites, like 123rf or Shutterstock; however, spending money for a monthly subscription just to a get few good images for your WordPress website isn’t a smart move.

But this doesn’t mean that you cannot get your hands on some great, relevant images to put on your website. All you need is to look at the right place. And to help you with your endeavor, I have included some of the best resources where you can find high-quality images for your WordPress website for free.

The Best Resources for High-Quality Free Images

Using images on your WordPress website is absolutely necessary in order to breathe life into its design and overall look. Once you have an idea of what type of images you are looking for, you need to start searching for the platforms where you can find a whole bunch of images relating to your desired keywords.

So without further ado, here is the list of the best websites and plugins that offer great, high-quality visuals which you can use for free.

1. Unsplash

After its inception, Unsplash rapidly gained ground and quickly established its name as a platform where users can find images of remarkable quality for free. The platform adds new pictures on a daily basis, providing you with fresh, high-quality images every time you visit its website. Unsplash also enables users to select specific publishers of images, and view their individual works. If you are looking for photos for your sliders and other areas of your website to ensure a consistent look, Unsplash might be the right platform for you.

2. Pexels

Another great website for getting free high-res images is Pexels. Finding images on this platform is pretty straightforward: just search for the relevant keyword, download the photo, and it’s yours to use. It doesn’t require you to purchase or give attribution to the author on most of the images. However, you should check this before downloading each image.

3. Gratisography

This website features a wide variety of images that are available for free. You can find photos of less common items to natural scenes, like beaches, forests, etc. that you may need for your WordPress website. Gratisography adds new photos on a weekly basis. No matter which type of WordPress website you are making, there is a high chance that you will find relevant, high-resolution images on this website and that too, for free.

4. Death to Stock Photo

You will find a lot of different options on Death to Stock Photo when you are searching for high-quality free images on this platform. Their collection includes pictures belonging to almost every category there is, from places and people to cars, abstract, machines, and more. Another good thing about this website is that they have a huge community of photographers that contribute to their photo-base, giving you more variety of images taken from different perspectives.

5. Flickr

Being one of the largest image sharing communities on the internet, Flickr features over 200 million images under a Creative Commons license. Its search tool allows the users to restrict their search to only those photos that have been shared on it for modification or commercial use. Some of the photos may even require the users to provide credit, so make sure you check for this before you download any images.

The strong point of Flickr is the sheer number of photos and variety for users to choose from. However, you may find that the quality of the images will vary, making it hard for you to find the image you want in high quality.

6. WordPress Flickr Embed Plugin

If you are an active user of Flickr and have a collection of images you want to use on your WordPress website, then this plugin is for you. It includes your selected images into WordPress’s visual editor toolbar, and enables you to search public photos that you want to use or pick from your privately streamed photos. WordPress Flickr Embed Plugin also enables you to insert a link page to the selected pictures on Flickr. Moreover, this plugin also includes light view and lightbox popups.

7. Unsplash WP Plugin

For Unsplash stock photo users, this plugin allows you to upload the selected Unsplash images directly in the media library of your WordPress website. In addition, it enables you to add images from the official plugin page, or if you prefer, it can be done from within the individual pages and posts that you are editing. An added benefit of this plugin is that it is compatible with a wide range of browsers as well.

And there you have it: some of the best websites and plugins on the internet for you to download and use images for free on your WordPress website. Having access to free high-quality images can save you a lot of money, time, and hassle, but it requires you to know the right places to find them so that you don’t end up using copyrighted images. It is also essential to know about image licensing and attribution to stay out of trouble. Hope this article helped you with your hunt to find the websites that offer free high-quality images.

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