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How to Create A Well Planned WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress website can be a hefty task as it requires a lot of brainstorming. Although WordPress is one of the most popular solutions for website builders, it still requires thorough consideration. A handful number of things that you need to address before going ahead with website development on WordPress is

  • What is the purpose of creating the website? (Outline business agenda)
  • What do you wish to achieve with it? (Aims & Objectives)
  • Do you have the required resources at hand to make your website a success?
  • Who are the stakeholders of the website?

Today, I will cover up some of the essential tasks that need to be addressed before you move ahead with creating a thriving website on WordPress. My aim is to cover the planning of a WordPress website alongside acknowledging key tasks that are required to make it a success.

So, without any further Ado, let’s dive in some of the most basic tasks and functionalities for website building whether it may be specifically for you, a corporate client or maybe just a freelance project.

Assembling A Strong Team

Teams are necessary. Great teams who work together have a streak and lust for achieving goals and objectives. They are vindictively passionate and determined. Hence, a strong team plays a vital role in creating your WordPress website a success. The CMS is designed in such a way that even a single person can manage, however, one of the many reasons why most websites fail to become profitable is the lack of strong team building.

So when it comes to building up a strong team, the key stakeholders should be the first to be addressed. There is a set of people that should be on your list irrespective of the type of website you are creating. These may include designers, developers, UX specialists, marketers and/or content creators. Also, it is necessary that your team should have a project manager that can align goals and objectives and keep a check that they are being met or not.

Last but not the least, SEO Specialists play a vital role in ranking your website on different search engines. This can create a lot of organic traffic and if you are marketing a product or a service, you can reap incredible benefits.

Choose a Domain & a Hosting Platform

Once you have assembled a strong team, the first and foremost task for making your website a success is to choose an easy and catchy domain name. In case, if you are not sure what a domain name is, is a domain name.

While choosing a specific domain name, it is necessary that you should remember that your domain name is,

  • Short,
  • Non-Similar to similar domains functioning on market,
  • Easily Memorable,
  • Pronunciation friendly,
  • Easily spellable,
  • Non-violated to other Trademarks

You can easily find a reasonable domain name from one of these websites,

Alongside a strong domain name, a good hosting platform is mandatory. Website hosted in the cloud infrastructure ensures that it won’t suffer any downtime and put your business at risk. One can find a large number of hosting platforms over the Internet; however, our aim is to search such a hosting solution that offers WordPress installation with unlimited bandwidth and a number of installations.

My personal recommendation is that you should host your WordPress application in a managed cloud hosting platform such as Cloudways. However, there are multiple other hosting platforms that you can make use of. Here is a list of few names that might come in handy,

  • Monthly Starting Price $2.95
  • Monthly Starting Price $3.48
  • Monthly Starting Price $2.75
  • Monthly Starting Price $3.95
  • Monthly Starting Price $2.95
  • Monthly Starting Price $1.99
  • Monthly Starting Price $14.99

Content Planning

As it is said, so it is believed;

“Content is King”

When we talk about website design and beautification, it is all quite tempting. Yes, the website design is the most important element as people will tend to stay if your website looks eye-catching. But, that’s not all there is to it. It is necessary to identify what your website needs to deliver the message, what is it that will make your readers tend to stay on the web page? What will create social engagement?

The answer is simple,

Unique and Outclass Content. Content isn’t just all about pages and texts, it is much more than that. It may include media such as audiovisuals, images, infographics, videos, reviews and much more.

Assuming that your website is a product or service based website, then you will need unique marketing content with relative images that can direct an individual about the product and service with clarity.

Assuming that it is a blogging platform, such as a news website or a blog forum, then the type of information that you are publishing should be of utmost concern. Although article writing is an in-depth art, the main thing that matters is the grammar, style, structure, flow and the authenticity of information. If you are readily fulfilling these attributes than I am sure your website will look totally Rad!

Structure & Designing

If you are aware of the type of service you are going to provide through your website, the next task is to identify how you should structure it. The WordPress user-interface is a user-friendly interface allowing user to add as much advanced functionality to their website as possible.

Select a Theme

Although, Content is the main asset, but before we move ahead with uploading the content from the back-end, we should first select a theme for our WordPress website. Themes outline the look and feel of your website. It adds subtlety and grace by making your website look more attractive for organic/inorganic network traffic. As you can see, in time, WordPress has grown a large community around it, henceforth, there are multiple theme providers over the Internet that are offering various themes at a reasonable price. Some of them are totally free.

There are yearly based pre-default themes that you can access from the back-end of your WordPress website, however, they are just the basics. Here is a list of few names that can come in handy while selecting an appropriate theme for your WordPress website:

  • TemplateMonster.
  • Elegant Themes.
  • StudioPress.
  • WPExplorer.
  • Press75.
  • ColorLabs.

You can easily google them and avail one of their free/paid themes to make your website a standalone across the Internet.

Add Important Plugins

Plugins ease up your working process at the Back-end. It adds additional functionality to your website. Some of the important plugins that your website requires before you start working on it are listed below. Yoast SEO for instance, is best in practice with SEO functionalities, Total Cache keeps your cache cleaned and organized, WP Forms enables you to add forms to your website, Edit Flow makes editing easy and so on.

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast.
  • BackupBuddy.
  • W3 Total Cache.
  • WPForms.
  • OptinMonster.
  • Edit Flow.
  • Soliloquy.
  • Sucuri.

Branding & Marketing

Last but not the least is where the real work begins, this is where your strong team that you build to market your website comes in. Get down to business by increasing the organic/inorganic network traffic on your website using SEO specialists. Hire the best in town.

The designers will ensure that consistent supervision of your website design is maintained. Let them supervise and create better ideas to make the website more alluring and eye-catching. Your digital marketing team can help create effective client connections and gain customer loyalty by the effective branding of the product or service your website offers. Not only that, but they can run campaigns and do much more, for instance, guest blogging, discount offers, carry out email notifications.

Similarly, a support team can help offer support to your customers with any queries that they are facing when they are doing business with you. Every role is important as making a website a success is not a one-man show but a whole team’s job.

So don’t wait up! If you have a capital investment and something steady to offer… Start investing! Who knows your web domain might become a multi-million dollar venture, it’s never too late to get started.

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