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Choose the Right Facebook Ad Objective for Your Online Business

All prepared to build your first ever Facebook campaign? Halt! What is this that I see in my Facebook Ad Manager?!

Well, that really confuses me where to head off to! What should I choose as the Facebook Ad objective of my social media campaign! Is it supposed to fall in the Awareness category, or should it be considered among Considerations.? And what do they mean by Conversions!

Woah! Don’t get all boggled up, let me help you resolve your query in the best possible way.

Today, I am going to explain you individually what each Facebook Ad objective is all about and what are those subcategories included within it. I hope after I complete my article, you guys are pretty sure which one you believe fits the right Facebook Ad objective for your social media campaign.

So what are we waiting for! Let’s get started.

1. Awareness

Facebook classifies Ad objectives into three categories; as we are all now aware of the fact that they are awareness, consideration, and conversion, let’s understand what Awareness really is.

The literal meaning of the term awareness means to create an identity of your product or service. You want people to know what you are selling online. And to achieve that, you need to create an awareness among the audience.

For example, you planned on starting up your lemonade business. You cherry picked some of the best lemons from the rarest farms in your country… Using the right mix of sugar, water, and lemons, you have successfully created an amazing formula. Now, you set up your stand and started selling your product. However, nobody knows what you are selling.

So, what did you miss out on?

You did not create Awareness for your product. You missed out on explaining how you chose the best lemons, used the right quantity of ingredients and went through multiple long hours to create the perfect lemonade formula.

Similar is the case with Facebook Advertising. You need to create the interest required for your fans to gather around your product and purchase it.

The Awareness Objective of Facebook’s Social Ad Campaign contains two categories.

Brand AwarenessWhen to use it?

Brand awareness objective is usually utilized when you just need to inform your customers about your brand and do not want them to engage with your content, click on your links, visit your website or make any purchase. This type of awareness is best suited for large multinational organizations who are basically focusing towards delivering a message using their Ad. For instance, companies like Coca-Cola, Nestle, KFC, Adidas and so on.

So if you want to send out a message about your brand through an Ad, choose your Facebook Ad Objective as Brand Awareness.

Reach – When to use it?

The Reach objective, on the other hand, is fairly used to target maximum amount of target audience when you are on a budget constraint. Irrespective of the cause, whether you want people to check out this cool video tutorial you have on-aired or whether you wish to sell a product/service online, the Reach objective allows you maximum engagement in a limited amount of targeted audience circle.

This objective works best for small-scale business organizations who are looking forward to creating a quick resonance on their website and kickstart their business.

2. Consideration

Are you done with creating awareness for your brand? Maybe, your brand didn’t need one… It is time to bring things into consideration for the more substantial audience surrounding your product on Facebook! If you want to do something more than allowing people to marvel at your product, you may need one of the following five consideration objectives which Facebook has to offer.

Traffic – When to use it?

As your car needs fuel to run, so does your online presence. Your website needs traffic as a fuel to run. How are you planning to create traffic on your site is your strategy! Maybe, you want to populate a blog, audio/video podcast or send out a discounted sale opportunity for your customers, depends on you. What most e-commerce platforms do is send out a decent discount deal offers or attach a coupon code to their product. The strategy helps in sending the sales up to the platform. As well as land people on their website.

One way or another, if you choose Traffic as your Facebook Ad objective, the result is to get a click on your link to the person may land on your website’s landing page.

Engagement – When to use it?

Now, this is the type of Facebook Ad objective you require when you need people to engage with your Ad. For example, if you are looking to get more likes, shares or comments on your specific Ad, then selecting the Engagement Objective is the best possible solution.

Why are engagement objective plays a primary role in making your website a success?

If your social ad campaigns are optimized for engagements, your Ads will show people who are more likely to get engaged with products. This will add additional organic reach to your Ad and ultimately result in creating more discussions and reactions to your product. Facebook organic algorithms are designed to push Ads that are more engaging than the rest. So, selecting this option can turn out to be an upside for your business.

App Installs – When to Use It?

The App Install objective is one such that allows you to send people to a store so they can purchase your service offerings. From the store, your audience can download your business application and make use of it as much as they want. This feature basically works for audiences who are opting in to take their business one level up and move it to smart technology using a Play Store, Windows or Apple Store application

Facebook Fact – At an estimate, approximately 1.57 billion users are online on Facebook using smartphones.

Want to Learn More Facebook Facts? Read our Episode 1 of Facebook Advertising.

Video Views – When to Use It?

 When your social media campaign is focused towards promoting a video instead of simply landing a click on your website or convert customers to your website. This type of Facebook advertising objective works best for people who want to create an audience for retargeting using a video view.

But using a video to promote your website or product doesn’t always mean that you should set your Facebook advertising objective to Video Views. For instance, if you want to get an increase in click-through rate for your website, then you should choose Traffic Facebook objective and then select Video content as your format.

Episode 1: An Introduction to Facebook Advertising in E-commerce Business

You get almost five different formats to choose from the type of Ad you are creating for your Facebook Campaign.

Lead Generation – When to Use It?

Not looking for Traffic because you are concerned about traffic spikes? Still, need potential leads for your online business or E-Commerce Store? Set your Facebook Advertising Objective to Lead Generation. This type of Ad objective allows you to gather personal data and information on clients such as their email addresses, phone number and profile links without navigating them to your website.

Using the auto-populating function, Facebook will provide basic information such as name, email address and also phone numbers if people have kept that information visible on their profiles. You can target them by sending a subscription form ad or a survey from the ad and once, they may fill it, you will gather insightful information on them.

Add them to your Lead list and make use of them to land future sales. However, you will need to integrate your Lead Ads with a third party CRM software. So, all the information which the Ad cultivates directly delivers into your CRM email marketing software.

The only downside of this Facebook Ad objective is that it does not allow network traffic to visit your website, but it greatly helps you in creating a potential email list to send out promotions and discounts.

3. Conversion

Last but not the least, Conversion metrics for Facebook Advertising is one such objective which targets customers who are looking to make a purchase. Depending on your specification of conversion, this type of Ad helps you convert audience for a specific action may it be registration, filling an opt-in, register themselves or make a purchase.

Conversions – When to Use It?

 To use this type of Facebook Marketing Objective, your website should have at least a minimum amount of 15-25 conversions every week. This will allow Facebook to easily study your target audience and to help it forecast what kind of people are looking to buy into your product. Then, Facebook will try to show your Ads to only the potential target audience who are more likely to get converted.

Higher the conversion rate, better it will be for the platform to sieve through more potential leads that are more likely to convert. While 15-25 is the minimum requirements, 50-100+ becomes the ideal conversion rate for the platform to predict more authoritatively.

In case of less number of conversions, it will become rather difficult for the Facebook Ad Platform to optimize the best possible audience which is convertible to boost your sales offering. Henceforth, it is highly advised that you should at least have a minimum amount of conversion on your website to use this Ad objective.

In case, if you have low traffic on your website as your website is more product specific, then it is best advised that you should go for the Traffic objective instead of Conversions.

Why is that? Because without a considerable amount of traffic coming to your website, the window for your website conversion becomes rather small and maybe for a week or two, you might land a healthy sales on your website, but in the long run, you may suffer setback as it will become difficult for the Facebook platform to analyze the target audience.

Product Catalog Sales – When to Use It?

Now, this type of Facebook Ad campaign works best with people who are running an e-commerce store. If you have an online store, and you are looking for a way to market your product on social media, then create product ads and market them using the product catalog marketing objective. To do so, when you create your Social Ad Campaign! Create a product catalog within it, and generate various product feeds.

Here’s what a product catalog feed looks like to your audiences.

Store Visits – When to Use It?

In case, your store has multiple outlets and locations, then use the following Facebook Ad Objective as it will direct your target audience to different business locations nearby their vicinity. In order to make use of this marketing objective, you will need to set up your business location using the business management tool on your Facebook advertising platform. Once, you are done with updating all the necessary information for your business locations, you are all set and good to go with this Ad objective.

This can be a great way to capture foot traffic to your business, delivering ads that are timely based on people’s current location.

People who are mostly seeking visitors to visit their location are one such who are urged to use this Ad campaign. For example, you have a lavish restaurant and you cook the perfect food for customers, yet there are not as many walk-in customers as you expect! Run a Facebook Ad campaign using the following ad objective and watch people pour into your food joint in just a few days! You will be amazed.

The Harsh Reality of Failed Facebook Advertising

We often come around people who claim that they are investing in Facebook Marketing, but they aren’t getting any better results out of it. Well, if you are not going to optimize your Facebook Marketing Strategy, how can you expect it to offer you good returns. Maybe your business needs Traffic, and you are running after Engagements. Maybe, you brand requires Awareness, but you are running after Conversions. If you are not following the right track, the chances are hard that you may ever parse the threshold of success. You may always find yourself in a never-ending loop of the dilemma.

By reading this article, I am sure you are now quite clear on what Facebook Ad Objectives are. If you are still unclear on how to devise the perfect Facebook Marketing Strategy for yourself, allow me to help you out with building a great one. I make clients reap profit worth millions. Allow me to reshape your strategy and help you boost sales to a whole new level. Don’t just take my word for it, get on board and experience flawless service.

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