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How to become a Wordpress freelancer - Danish Ashrafi

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How to become a WordPress freelancer

Whether you have been blogging for fun or you are a professional web developer who earns living from WordPress and other Content Management System (CMS) you can use your WordPress skills to become a freelancer and build an empire. There are various advantages and perks that make WordPress the most loved CMS of all time. In this article, I will be guiding you on how to become a WordPress freelancer so that you can utilize your skill and passion to earn living out of it.

So let’s begin with how important WordPress is and how it had taken over the internet.

Features Of WordPress

Before you learn how to become WordPress freelancer it is important to know the features that made WordPress an industry of its own. Here are some major features of WordPress:

  • Easy To Use And Learn

Millions of WordPress users are Non-Tech people who won’t be able to write any line of code when talking about C++ or Java. But WordPress has given the Drag n Drop feature with so much abstraction that a person who knows how to read manuals can setup WordPress sites. This is by far the most powerful advantage of WordPress.

  • Allows Total Freedom To User

You can design your website in whatever way you like. WordPress has no restrictions what so ever. This total freedom allowed professionals developers to design-build general solutions for various web applications like E-Commerce.

  • WordPress Is Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is written using standard compliance high-quality code that makes your website more search engine friendly. There are various renowned WordPress plugins that can quickly SEO setup your website.

  • Supports All Kind Of Websites

Professional webs developers seized the opportunity and designed various web solutions and themes that can be used to design your website with just a few clicks. You can design a Brand, Business, E-Commerce, Product Launch, News, Image Galleries and every niche on WordPress. There are tons of themes dedicated to each category.

  • WordPress Is Secure

Security is a major factor for any organization when building a website. You can trust WordPress as it is built with most secure abstraction layers and will take care of your content in the best possible way. Moreover, there is an industry leading security companies offering security plugins to make your WordPress site secure.

Mind Blowing WordPress Facts

I think there is no need to introduce WordPress to anyone. Everyone who knows Web and even slight of the Internet, have heard about WordPress. So I will be focusing on some mind-blowing facts about WordPress that will help you find how huge WordPress market is.

  1. 27% of the Internet is almost WordPress
  2. 24 posts are published per second on WordPress
  3. 22.17 Billion Page Views on WordPress powered websites
  4. 46.6 Million Comments are published per second on WordPress
  5. 2.7 Million Global Monthly searched for WordPress
  6. 21.7 Million times WordPress 4.6 has been downloaded
  7. 72 translations are available in WordPress

These are some really huge facts that will boost your confidence about how strong this platform is.

How To Become A WordPress Freelancer

The first thing you need is to learn how to a WordPress site. For that, I have shared some quality online websites that offer amazing and professional tutorials.

Learn WordPress

I will suggest you to start learning from any of these online teaching websites.

  • Udemy, Lynda, TutsPlus, and BobWP.
  • WordPress technical resources here WordPress Codex.
  • Blogs from various professional authors are dedicated to teaching WordPress and how to increase your skill.
  • Attend Big events and local meetups

Never stop the learning cycle, keep practicing and learning. And once you develop skills you can start developing projects and engaging with the market.

Build Your Network

Even when you are learning it is important to enter in experts circle and even try to create your own as well. This network will help you in so many ways in the future. You will never face any difficulty finding WordPress community as they are various forums, social circles, and blogs where you can interact with many of them. Here are some tips to build your network:

  • Engage with bloggers, ask your questions, answer others questions to build authority and build confidence.
  • Attend local meetups to get in touch with local developers and share your knowledge.
  • Attend big events to listen to Gurus and learn from them
  • Build social authority on different social platforms like Facebook and others to create your group.

Build Your Portfolio

While you are learning and building a network it is also important to keep a professional Portfolio of yours. You can either show off yourself as a brand or use a third party portfolio building website to create one. No matter how you do it, it is important to have one.

Here enlist your projects, skills, and tools you are expert off.

Developing Your WordPress Freelancer Career

Let me now introduce you to the top WordPress freelancing sites. These are world renowned and professional websites where you need to build the most professional portfolio in order to attract clients and start earning.

  • Professional Freelancing sites

You will be amazed to know that there are industries that have developed themselves from getting projects from following websites.

1. Upwork (formerly oDesk)
2. Freelancer.com
3. Fiverr.com
4. WPHired.com

You can earn millions from these freelancing websites.

  • Networks

An active WordPress network/community can any day help you find a job or a freelancing project. So you need to stay in touch with these independent contractors and keep your portfolio updated.

  • Social Media

Social Media like Facebook and Twitter have shown their significance in every field of life, as you can build a group of people offering and seeking jobs to keep your career blooming.

  • Word of Mouth

Once you have few projects landed successfully, your name will be shared by these clients to other possible future clients as well. So this is another way of keeping in the market.


What are the benefits of being a freelance programmer or developer? You select the clients you would like to work with, determine your own rates, and you make the decisions about the time of day you work and where. You’re more open to other opportunities and side projects because you are not bound to a full-time position. With the COVID-19 pandemic and more acceptance of remote work, this is truly a great time to explore freelancing.

I think this above article is good enough for you to show how you can develop your WordPress skills and use them to earn money from above-mentioned freelancing platforms. Being a WordPress developer is something I would always recommend to anyone interested in IT. Things will not happen overnight, you will have to work hard and give your best to become a WordPress freelance developer.

25 percent of WordPress users make a full time living off this CMS. So why can’t you be the one? Always keep yourself updated and keep track of what is happening in the industry. Make sure you talk to Gurus, ask questions and if necessary go for training as well.

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