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Scratching the Surface on Facebook Advertising in E-Commerce – Episode 2

Hello Folks! How y’all doing today? In our previous episode, I took the audacity in carrying out a detailed discussion of what Facebook and Instagram Ads are and how they are essential for your E-commerce businesses. I also discussed some fantastic facts about the King of Social Media, “Facebook” and in case you have missed the previous episode, you can always go back and give it a read.

Episode 1: An Introduction to Facebook Advertising in E-commerce Business

As promised, it is now time that I take a more in-depth delve into the world of Facebook Advertising and teach you about some of the basics involved in carrying out effective social media marketing campaigns. But, before I delve in, I intend to clarify few perspectives before I move ahead with tutoring the deployment phase of a successful social media campaign. I prefer to call it, scratching the surface of Facebook Advertising.

Let’s begin.

What is KPI and How Does it Work?

If you think your success is defined by the number of clicks, likes, and shares you get on a specific post running through your Facebook Ad campaign, then you need to reiterate your social media strategy. With the introduction of Facebook Ad Campaign Platform, you now measure results using KPIs. KPI is the abbreviation for (Key Performance Indicators). As every other tool across the Internet involves one, so does Facebook Ad Platform. Without a KPI, it is hard for a user to identify how their platform is performing.

A KPI allows users to create insight on who, what, where, when and why the social media campaign of your E-commerce business is expanding efforts.”


Getting a one-shot rise on a social media platform is now a thing of the past. Businesses, especially e-commerce businesses, need more engagements and high brand exposure as compared to olden days. In case of e-commerce businesses, persistency plays a significant role. You want your product to create a consistent presence among target markets. The greater the number of clicks on your ads, the better you understand your audiences. To analyze the performance of your ad campaign, you are provided with a mix of key performance indicators at the backend of the Ad campaign you’re running on your social media platform.

The concept of KPI works best in cases where fluid marketing is necessary, atmospheres where the environment keeps changing constantly.

Facebook offers endless metric options to choose from when it comes to campaign performance assessment. However, to make thing easier for you, we have combined a mix of some of the best KPIs that can help you analyze your performances. Check out our amazing guide on,

Things to Remember


  • The term “Facebook Ads” is now used as a platform as they represent both, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. You can now show Ads on both the platforms at the same time or separately.
  • You pay for Facebook Ads based on impressions. You don’t pay based on results. Facebook doesn’t work like that. You can’t pay only when you become profitable.
  • You create a marketing objective, you specify your target audience on Facebook, and then you build your Ads using a mix of images, videos, and some lucrative texts.
  • Once, you have successfully created your Ad campaign; Facebook starts delivering this message to your target audience. Your ad pops into their live feed, and that’s how it all works!

Stated above is the brief insight on how the basic mechanism of Facebook Advertising works. However, we will learn in depth about each of these steps in our future course episodes for sure.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Social Media Advertising

When we talk about social media, there is no denying that whether it is SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, Social Media has become a part of our daily lives. You cannot escape social media as it is everywhere and you can find every other person on it. In fact, if you are not on it, you are considered disconnected from the world itself.

Comparison to Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising is the means utilized other than social media to approach your respective target market. To do so, you require publishing ads in online classified sections, internet magazines or running google advertising campaigns to reach your target audience.

So how is Social Media Marketing better than the Traditional Marketing?


You have recently launched an online game. It’s the best action RPG ever played. You want its Ad to be published on some huge traffic grabbing website. Business Insider gets like hundred thousand visitors on a daily business… Sounds like an excellent choice!

However, you can’t ask Business Insider to show your Ad to a specific group of individuals aged between 13-25 as most of your target market is in that age group. And you can’t ask Business Insider to only show your Ad to people who are into RPG gaming. Regardless of the game genre and target market, the game Ad will be displayed to all the visitors coming to their website. Everyone will watch it.

Same goes for the telecommunication services. Sales are going down the drain. You want to fuel up your pipeline with more profit. So, you approach the media channels with a commercial ad for your product.

Now, whether you are broadcasting on a Television or sending it your commercial on-air on a radio channel, you can’t ask the telecommunication service operators to show your ad to a specific group of people. What’s tuned in once is going out in the world. So, you better prepare yourself for all those unwanted calls and loads of stupid questions.

How Social Media Is Transforming Advertising

Earlier, we have discussed that more than a billion of the world’s population is on Facebook. As a result the platform has advanced itself to assist the users in the best possible manner. Not only that, but it has given greater liberty to business owners so they understand their target market more deeply. Now, they can make sure that their specific ads are shown to a targeted audience who are specifically searching for the relative product/service.


Imagine this time, the case for your Action RPG game is totally different. You have planned to approach Social Media for marketing your product. In case of Facebook, when you create an Ad campaign, you can specify the type of customers you want to approach (male or female), which age group do they belong to, which location are they present in, what preferences they are looking for, what are their search patterns and whole bunch of other metrics that can help you sieve through the right audience.

Feeling flabbergasted? Want a similar social media campaign for your business? Don’t worry, like I said, I will teach you everything one step at a time 🙂

With Social Media, you know where your audience is, and you can save the hassle of answering loads of unwanted questions from people who are utterly unaware of the product or service which you are selling. You will not get any more random phone calls, or fake form fill-ups, or scamming agents to buy out your precious time from you.

You will only get serious customers who are looking for that same exact service among that billion of a population on Facebook. So, doesn’t it sound foolish now to invest high budget in TV commercials?

And here’s the KABOOM moment for the day! It’s relatively a lot cheaper than you think. Also, you will have full control on your costs and it is all going to be pretty transparent.

Facebook: The Ultimate Tool of Precision & Effectiveness

What makes Social Media Marketing any different than any other mode of marketing? It’s the precision that Facebook offers modern day business owners. A decade back, it was just a facetime platform where you were supposed to become a resource for engagement and have a bit of this and a bit of that. Crack a few jokes and have a few laughs. However, NOW, Facebook is a full-fledged platform with almost everything on it, and that’s what makes it the unique social media tool on the market.

So go ahead! Ask me how precise can the “Social Media King” Facebook can actually be?   


Suppose you are newly married, and your wife is with a kid! It is on the way… She is six months pregnant, so she thinks what’s best for her sixth-month pregnancy at the moment and decides to go search for it on Facebook! The next thing you know, her Live Feed will provide her advertisements for all the possible accessories, medicines, food supplements, baby clothing, and what not related to prior searches performed by other six month pregnant women on Facebook.

It’s all possible because of the ultimate power of Facebook algorithm and the incredible science behind the buildup of this technology.

Key Points and Learning Outcomes

  • Facebook Advertising is an economic way of advertising and follows a Pay-as-you-Go on impressions methodology. You only invest the relevant amount that is required for marketing your Ads based on your customized requirements.
  • It is a form of disruptive advertising. Facebook Ads are not shown to people who wanted to make a similar purchase earlier (as in case of Google Adwords). It target new people and people who are actually searching for the product in real-time.
  • Make sure you Facebook Ads are compelling and deliver your message right away. You want to make people buy such that they don’t hold a second thought before making a transaction. Remember! It’s difficult to convert people into paying customers with Facebook Ads.
  • Smartphones are the new norms of our society. More people are engaged through phones as compared to laptops or desktops. Therefore, ensure that your Ads and also your website is mobile-optimized. If you have an unresponsive website, then you should first work on it.

What’s Next?

So with that, we conclude our article for the day. This is just the scratching of the surface; there is so much more that goes on behind the screen so do stay tuned in with me, and I will make sure that you learn all about it. I will be launching another episode of Facebook advertising soon which will help you get ready to run your first ever Facebook Ads.

I hope you had a good read.

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