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Top Chrome Extension You will wish you would have known Existed!

Google Chrome is the undisputed king on the internet when it comes to the most widely used browser for surfing the World Wide Web. Owing to its clean interface, versatility, superior performance, and ability to easily synchronization with computers, mobile devices, and applications, it enjoys a special preference over other browsers. To enhance the browsing experience for users, Google has allowed modification to Chrome’s functionality by enabling developers to put up software extensions on Chrome Web Store.

Here we have compiled a big list of useful Chrome extensions that you may never know were developed, but secretly wished they existed. For the sake of organization and easiness for you, we have broken our list into three categories, allowing you to quickly find useful extensions for your browser. Without any further ado, here are the most exciting Chrome extensions that you should definitely check out:

SEO Marketing Extensions


BuzzSumo is a great content marketing tool that enables users to search for the most shared and popular content on the internet on almost any topic. The Chrome extension for BuzzSomo offers useful insights into how a specific content piece is performing among the general audience without having to use the specialized software on your device. It provides information about backlinks and engagement metrics that particular content has generated online without having to leave the browser.

2.Google Publisher Tool

Being an official extension by Google, the Publisher Toolbar is a useful addition to Chrome Web Store. It enables web publishers to view and analyze data from AdSense, DC for Publisher accounts, and Ad Exchange, all from under one hood in Chrome, allowing users to save a lot of time and hassle.

3. Follow

Marketed as one of the fastest competitor analysis tool, Follow offers insights into how different online businesses obtains and engages with their target audience across multiple channels. It comes with a SEO toolbar, PCP toolbar, SEM toolbar, and display advertising toolbar to provide information from all resources with just a click.

4. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

With the help of this analyzer, you can easily see which online source has been linked to a particular page without having to use a separate analysis tool. Majestic Backlink Analyzer allows you to acquire information regarding link profile charts, subdomains, and root level, link counts at the URL and gives scores from 0-100 to all the pages you visit via Flow Metrics™.

5. MozBar

MozBar is among the most highly rated and widely used Chrome extensions that offers instant SEO insights to users about SERPs and websites without you having to leave your browser or open another tab to get to Moz’s online tool. It allows you to see page authority and domain authority of any website along with several backlink metrics right from the extension.

6. vidIQ Vision for YouTube

vidIQ is another great tool that allows you to see what makes viral videos on YouTube go viral. Using this Chrome extension, you can find out where your videos are lagging behind and optimize them to get more views and shares, as well as improve your chances of better promotion opportunities and subscriber engagement.

7. SEOquake

An extension by SEMrush, SEOquake provides exclusive analysis and information about 6 different metrics, including social media, page elements, external page data, suggestions, page terms/tools, and server/domain info. A few unique enhancements and features include social media stats in Google Analytics, trend analysis and data in Google webmaster tools, and much more.

8. Page Analytics

A recommended Chrome extension for online businesses, Page Analytics allows you to analyze how your visitors interact with your website, what the hotspots are, where they click the most, and which areas are the most ignored by them. Using this data, you can optimize your web pages for better user experience, higher engagement, and more conversions.

9. Feedly

Boasting more than 15 million users, Feedly is rated as one of the top blog reader and RSS applications. It has a simple, minimalistic look, and allows you to add a website to your feed with just a click, Tweet about it, sends it by email, save it for later, tag page, share on Facebook and save to Evernote. Customized categories are its strong suit allowing users to quickly find what they are looking for.

10. Buffer

Buffer is an excellent social media scheduling and measuring tool that allows you to publish content on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and many others. It allows you to analyze and track the results of everything that you share on your social media profiles.

11. Bitly

If you are looking for a reliable, effective URL shortener, Bitly is the right choice for you. This Chrome extension allows you to quickly shorten URLs, as well measure and optimize all the links without having to leave your browser. All you have to do is click on the extension’s icon and it will give a shortened URL that you can easily share.

12. Google Analytics URL Builder

Powered by Google Analytics, this Chrome extension tag important URLs that you need to track in order to gain insights through Google Analytics. It is extremely easy to use, though you may have to fill out a form. Once you are done with the form, it will start generating final URLs,  which you can also share through your social media profiles while being able to independently track them using Google Analytics.

Email Marketing Extensions

1. HubSpot Sales

Topping the email marketing extensions’ list is HubSpot Sales – a truly great Chrome extension for professionals engaged in B2B sales. After installing it, you will be able to get in-depth analysis of individuals and businesses on the internet, along with contacts with whom you have exchanged data and emails, such as social profiles, contact information, title, company name, and even recent posts. You can use email tracking functionality to learn about the clickability and conversion rate of particular emails.

2. Rapportive

A simple, easy-to-use Chrome extension that allows you to verify emails you are including in your recipient list right from your Gmail tab – a recommended choice for all email marketers. This information includes mutual connections, recent posts, social media profiles, and several other things without having to leave your inbox.

3. Gorgias Templates

With Gorgias, you can save different types of emails in the same category like a template so that you can easily use them again with just a few clicks. This Chrome extension allows you to make personalized text templates that you can quickly insert with the help of predefined keyboard shortcuts. In addition, Gorgias makes sharing templates with other members of your team a walk in the park as well.

4. Prophet

Find emails, social profiles, phone numbers, and other important information with this amazing Chrome extension. Prophet is designed to enable you to tap into more information about your customers and contacts. What makes Prophet standout from the crowd is that it not only shows you details you can get from the internet, but it goes further by generating, analyzing, and verifying information that may not be easily accessible from other resources.

5. for Gmail

Looking for a lightweight solution to your Gmail organization problems? is the right choice for you. This Chrome extension allows you to extend your Gmail’s functionality by integrating new features, such as follow-up reminders, send later, contacts lookup, auto follow-up, email tracking, and email snooze. It is a great tool for all digital marketers who want to effectively manage their tasks and foster relationships with their clients.

6. Right Inbox for Gmail

Equip your Gmail with the most important functions that can take a huge load off your daily email marketing activities. Schedule emails to be delivered at a later time and date, set reminders for different conversations, and easily make emails that you regularly send to increase your everyday email productivity.

7. Yesware Email Tracking

For email marketing and sales, Yesware Email Tracking is one of the best choices that can provide you with several benefits. The free version of the extension allows you to view a complete history of recipient’s activities related to your emails, along with other analytics. If you go for the paid version, you can enjoy the Mail Merge feature that is designed to help users create campaigns, test different email templates, add follow-up letters, and accurately track your results.

8. Yesware Reports

Yesware Reports, when used together with Yesware Email Tracking, make an optimum combo that can provide in-depth information about your email campaign. Say goodbye to wasting time on figuring out who opened your email or sent it to junk folder, or to the hassle involved in dealing with recurring emails. With Yesware, you get email tracking, templates, CRM Sync, and reports and analytics.

9. Hunter

Want to know the easiest way to search for email addresses from any platform on the internet? By installing Hunter on your Google Chrome. It enables users to find email addresses from different places, such as websites, social profiles, and others, with just a click. And the best part is … it is free to use, but can be upgraded for more useful features.

10. WiseStamp

This Chrome extension allows you to create personalized, attractive email signatures. You can add social media buttons, photos, and share live updates, like a tweet or blog, with WiseStamp. If you have multiple email addresses, you can create more than one signature to personalized emails of each one of the IDs.

11. Discoverly

Are you marketing resources scattered around different online platforms? Then you should give Discoverly a shot. It allows you to look up contacts in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Gmail, and assists you in finding email addresses from these platforms. What’s more: it is compatible with a number of other extensions, such as Right Inbox, Yesware, Hunter, Buffer, HubSpot, Rapportive, and Boomerang.

Productivity Extensions

1. RescueTime for Chrome™ & ChromeOS™

It is easy to lose track of time when working on a project in Chrome, and by the end of the day, some people are left with scratching their heads, thinking, “Why do I still have so many things pending when I was working the whole day?” With RescueTime, you can track where you spent your time in Chrome to get a full report of how much time you took to do each task. A very helpful tool for all workaholics who lose track of time easily.

Google Chrome is known for its versatility, unmatched performance, sophistication, the ease of work and functionality it offers to users. With so many extensions available for different purposes, it can be easy to find the right add-on that seamlessly performs the tasks, without you having to leave Chrome. We hope this post was helpful and you were able to find a new kind of extension that you never knew even existed!


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